About Us

The Society of Human Resource Management in Ethiopia (SHRME) is the first of its kind association focusing on upholding high industry standards in the Human Resource profession. SHRME aims to be the leading voice of HR issues nationwide, and aims to do this by conducting research and development for the advancement of the profession of Human Resource Management (HRM); advocating on better government policies and legislations on matters of improved HRM; creating and developing an established network with institutions, business organizations, societies, celebrities and the like dealing with a similar profession domestically and internationally; as well as disseminating valuable HR information and providing trainings and other services to its members, customers, and organizations.

Mission: Build and sustain partnership with human resource professionals, media, government and non-government organizations and academic institutions to advance the HR profession.

Vision: To be one of the best professional associations in advancing, promoting and supporting its members.

Why Join SHRME?

Organizational members will receive the following benefits:

Participate at annual job fair
Participate at the monthly HR networking event/platform
Promote your organization through SHRME's website
Direct access to all members through an e-mail distribution network

SHRME is registered with the Ministry of Justice, Charities and Societies Agency Reg. No. 1616.